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Door closers

  • advantages products
  • Smooth opening thanks to its asymetric rack and pinion technology
  • Latching and closing speed adjustable by grub screw on front
  • Adjustable backcheck by grub screw as an option on front
  • Relief valve as a standard
  • Opening range up to 180° on hinged side
  • Invisible fixings and adjustable screws hidden by its clipped cover
  • Aesthetic, arm without any visible fixing
  • Fitting on any type of support (wood, aluminum, PVC)
  • Sustainable and continuous adjustments thanks to its thermostable technology
  • Optional multiple fittings
  • 5 years warranty



  • Zone 1: Regular opening of the door up to 180°
  • Zone 2: Adjustable backcheck 65° - 180° as an option
  • Zone 3: Adjustable closing speed 180° - 15°
  • Zone 4: Adjustable latching 15° - 0°




GROOM door closer GR400, with symmetrical rack and pinion technology and slide arm, compliance with EN 1154, CE mark, disability compliance < 50N.

  • Force EN 3 for doors up to 950 mm width and / or 60 kg with an opening angle up to 180°.
  • Closing speed and latching adjustments by grub screw on front and hidden under the cover plate.
  • Adjustable backcheck by grub screw as an option on front hidden under the cover plate.
  • Invisible body fixings hidden by its clipped cover.
  • Pull or push side installation. Reversible, non-handed.
  • Thermostable hydraulic from -20° to +40°, equipped with pressure relief valves.
  • Silver, white, black, RAL finishes, high quality finishes.
  • Accessories: DIN mounting plate for metal profile mounting, hold-open arm module, cushioned limit stay.